solid Foundations

A home foundation is so important to get right first time as the entire build not only relies on its strengthening and quality but also its levelness and accuracy which will effect the entire home build.

Concrete slabs are what we do best. From complete forming and preparation to it’s final foundation, concrete slabs are one part of the build that you would want to ensure lasts for ever. 

For private home owners looking to build and for builders interested in working with us, we are sure to take care of all your concrete slab requirements and best of all it will last a lifetime and beyond.

About us

Solid Art is one of the leading concrete construction companies in the Wellington region. This means we have the in-house expertise, knowledge and experience to take on any build, big or small, including challenging and technical jobs.

Founded by Josh Jones and Manahi Rees in 2010.   The  Solid Art team are focused on residential and commercial concrete placing across the wider Wellington region.  The team completes projects from Kapiti to Wellington and the Wairarapa.  

Solid Art identified the need for a high performing team that can tackle any projects from residential pathways and building slabs to complex seismic strengthing projects.